Tracy Brown

T. Vandal Productions

PO Box 6892 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901


My name is Tracy Brown. I was born in Ketchikan and after an 8 year stretch in Kirikland Washington my family moved back here where I have lived ever since. Although I was gifted as an artist when I was young, I quickly moved on to music, and played in several bands through my early 20s. It wasn’t until I started animating my own cartoon in early 2011 that my love of drawing and graphic design resurfaced. I am now practicing a style of art that I consider a mashup of traditional drawing a painting techniques and digital flash art. Most of my works are renderings of Ketchikan with a minimalist, cartoonish style.

Crafts, Media, Music, Visual Arts

Animation, Computer/digital, Drawing, Film, Fiction, Graphic design, Screenwriting

Digital art, flash art