Richard Hult Smith


7866 South Tongass Highway
, Alaska

(907) 225-8605

How does a right brain person shift to the left-brain? Easily, apparently. Dick Smith began experimenting with wood as artistry about ten years ago. Since then he has created many lovely pieces of art for his home. Recently asked by a local gallery owner to make cocktail tables for the gallery, Dick started looking for special and exotic wood for his creations.

When Victoria Lord curated Ketchikan’s Year of the Artist invitational show at KAAHC last July, she asked Dick to “make something.” The beautiful, root-based red cedar, Ying and Yang tables became that something.

Together with his partner, Barbara Bigelow, he often supports her art projects by helping with the delicate engineering aspects as well as with her simple wood needs.

Architecture, Design, Visual Arts

Metal, Mixed Media, Wood


“Out of the Woods”