Nicole Castillo

Sacred Wounds

919 Stedman
Ketchikan A.K.


I was born in the armpit of California 1984. I lived there my whole life until I moved to Ketchikan on April 3rd of 2011. There are many mediums that I explore, all are not listed here. My inspiration stems from nature, nightmares, Fairy dreams & the never ending search for absolute truth. I’m always on the path of self-initiation questioning my reality & who I think I really am. This is the driving force of my work. My technique allows me to extract images from the Ethers. All I have to do is fill in the details. These works tend to stand out more than the ones I actually premeditate on. This in its self is an inspiration to me.
I scribble, doodle, burn, carve & also stab people with needle & ink every now and then. If there’s anyone out there that makes drums, I would love to collaborate. This is only some of my work. I’ve spared you the shameless ones for those are intended to make one implode or hopefully intrigued; inspired by ignorant debauchery, vanity & baneful pleasures, most of these works are being saved for submissions.

Crafts, Visual Arts

Illustration, Painting, Wood