Nathan Jackson

Nathan Jackson – Tlingit Artist

5972 Roosevelt Dr S
, Alaska

(907) 225-3431

The main medium that I work in is wood of various kinds, red cedar, yellow cedar, alder and maple. The larger works are done in cedar. The process starts with selecting the wood, either from the woods or the sort yard. The wood must be prepared by removing the sap wood, but I prefer to work with the wood when it is green rather than seasoned, as it is easier to carve. I use the traditional types of tools for my carving, that is, the adzes and straight and hooked knives. However I do take advantage of technical advances and use a chain saw for roughing out the forms. However, all the final work is done with hand tools. I also engrave gold and silver to make jewelry.

I stay with the traditional subject matter for my work, that is, clan crests and clan stories. If someone wants their pet cat or dog on their totem pole, they will have to find someone else.

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Northwest Coast