Merle Nancy Hawkins

Gawiit Jadaa-Haida Bead Lady

528 Deermount St.
Upper Unit
, Alaska

(907) 225-2538

Merle’s tribal history is shared with all of the visitors she interacts with. This rich oral cultural heritage is translated into art jewelry that one can wear and which provides protection from evil influences, becoming a lifetime heirloom art piece that will be in remembrance of their journey to Alaska.

Haida People see the Land, People from the Sea and People from the Sky as Spirit Beings, who can transform themselves from animal to human form.

Working with Alaska Natives most sacred medicinal plant, Devils Club, beautiful wooden beads are hand crafted and combined with “Trade beads”, bone, shell, wooly mammoth, mastodon Ivory and colorful glass beads and made into talisman necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Crafts, Design, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Jewelry, Northwest Coast

Oral interpretive presentations,

 “Saand-laaynaa” (Beautiful Dawn), Haida Nation, Raven moiety, “Yaak-Jaanaas”, two- finned Whale Killer (Orca)
Silver hand seal #969,  business license  #929187