Louie Bartos

Mariner Sails

705 Cook St.
, AK 99901

907 225-9296 or 907 617-1416



I have been a sailmaker for over thirty years, making cruising and racing sails using the most modern materials and making historical replicas using traditional methods and modern materials. I am involved in researching the methods of sailmaking used from 1400 through 1840, and have investigated the sails of the MARY ROSE – 1545, the SCHURRAK (SO1) -1590, the VASA – 1628, the JEANNAE ELIZABETH 1755, and the H.M.S. VICTORY – 1805.

I do traditional sailor’s knotwork such as bell pulls and make ditty bags, sea bags, and other traditional sailing paraphernalia that would have been used on the sailing ships of yesteryear.

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