Linda Millard

Millard + Associates Architects LLC

309 Stedman St.
, Alaska

(907) 225-7133

In Ketchikan, we are surrounded by a stunning and powerful landscape. As an architect, finding an appropriate response to this beautiful and extreme environment has been a unique challenge. Linda Millard is committed to design that reflects the history of our area and our environment, designing meaningful buildings that bring together beauty and function.

Architecture is a collaborative process, and current staff at Millard+Associates Architects LLC includes Nycole Gizinski and Chelsea Kuzma. As architects, we are generalists as opposed to specialists. We have been involved in just about every type of building, from shipyards, preschools and art galleries, to floating logging camps and fishing lodges. This diversity is our strength, allowing us to approach projects from a different angle, and bringing innovative solutions to clients needs. M+A Architects has evolved over the course of 20 years to become an award-winning architectural practice with an emphasis on client involvement, design excellence, and sustainability. Our portfolio of successful projects in Southeast Alaska exemplifies these qualities.

Architecture, Design, Visual Arts