Leila Kheiry




I appreciated wearable art long before I knew it had a name.
It all started in college, when I attended my first drag show. Those queens were amazing. Their costumes! Their makeup! Their attitude! I longed to be one, but alas, I was female. All I could do was appreciate from the audience.
Then I moved to Ketchikan and attended my first Wearable Art Show. My immediate reaction was, “This is a drag show for straight people, ” and I knew I belonged on that runway.
A close friend encouraged my first, rather nervous, runway appearance, and since then I’ve created and modeled at least 10 solo and group pieces for the Ketchikan Wearable Art Show.
About two years ago after a Wearable Art Show performance, someone approached me and said, “You’d make a great drag queen.”
Ahh. Success.

Crafts, Visual Arts

Wearable Art