Lance Bifoss


P. O. BOX 23189
Ketchikan AK 99901


I have lived in the Ketchikan area since 1969 and am always inspired by the vibrant local arts scene. I have been drawing since the age of four and started taking art seriously in my teens. After working through several mediums including pencil, pen and ink, markers, colored pencil and more, I have recently embraced acrylic paint as my medium of choice. Five years in I feel like I am finally doing what I am supposed to.
My influences include 1960’s psychedelia, pop art, surrealism, comic books, nature, and above all the female form and feminine mystique.
At the risk of using a “double-negative”, I create “because I can’t NOT do it”.
I also dabble in photography, music and writing, but lately spend all my time concentrating on painting and visual art.

Crafts, Literature, Music, Visual Arts

Computer/digital, Drawing, Fiction, Graphic design, Illustration, Mixed Media, Music Composition, Non-Fiction, Painting, Photography, Poetry