John Warnock

jwarnock designs

6584 Vista Drive
, Alaska

(907) 225-6661

At the age of 65, I’ve been working with wood for a very long time. I credit my seventh grade wood shop teacher for giving me a wonderful introduction to woodworking.

I enjoy taking a piece of wood and turningit into something that is pleasing to the senses: sight, touch and even smell! Each piece of wood has its own unique qualities and I enjoy trying to bring out its natural beauty. I consider myself a craftsman; I care more about expressing the lost art of hand-crafting and sharing the natural beauty of of wood than about being the biggest or best known.

It’s hard to say what inspires me on a project. I am always trying to out-do myself. I enjoy trying new techniques, and often an idea floats around in my head for weeks or months on end, before I actually start. As for the wood I like, purple heart is my favorite, but maple, walnut and cherry are also nice. I also like alder and Alaskan cedar.

It is always my hope that the piece that I create will be enjoyed for generations to come.


John warnock

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