J.Michael Scott

Aka Sandbear Designs

P.O. Box 7703
, Alaska

(907) 247-1406


I have always been inspired by seeing great expanses of tree covered mountains or living near where the forest meets the ocean. Being from Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around the lower 48, but I have never felt more compelled to create my artwork than when I first came to Alaska.

I first traveled to Alaska in 1994 to work for the summer, and I knew right away that if I left, I might never get back. Landed in Ketchikan in 1998. After a no fish fishing trip to the Bering Sea in October and a long list construction jobs. I knew it was time to take my gift seriously.

We never know what is going to inspire us…but when it happens there’s no way to explain it. The juices start flowing and the ideas just keep coming out. As a self taught artist there is no medium I will not try. An artist is only limited by their life span … and I find there’s never enough time to finish all the projects I want to do.

Inspiring and encouraging others in their pursuit of their artwork is a real joy for me. I love to collaborate on new project ideas … it always seems to end up helping me with new ideas for my own projects. I truly see my artwork as a “gift” from God. POCO LOCO ARTIST – with the need to carve!

Crafts, Visual Arts

Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Painting, Wood

also working with antlers, leather, feathers, beads, bone and horns