Jeremy Barry

Jeremy Daniel Photography

PO Box 775
Ward Cove
, Alaska

(253) 508-8395

I was born and raised just outside Seattle Washington; my love for art has been around since the age of 13. I spent most of my high school years doing art. At the age of 16 I started DJing music, and have been DJing and Producing for almost 15 years. Since then I have had the joy of traveling around the US to explore. About 5 years ago my love for hiking and my interest in photography collided. Since then I have been photographing vast landscapes, wildlife, and people photography.

I moved to Ketchikan in February of 2011 and fell in love with the area, since then I have learned to call Ketchikan home, my love for the artist community has become a major factor in relocating here. I’m also currently attending college at The Art Institute Online to gain my Bachelors in Photography. You can see my work inside The Plaza at Starboard Frames and Gifts. I also do commission work as well as offer all sorts of prints of my photography work.

Music, Visual Arts


HDR, Surreal, Artistic, People, Landscapes, Wildlife,