James D. Rhodes

PO Box 8354
ketchikan AK 99901

907-225-5389 Cell 907-254-5389


I have always been interested in drawing and painting. I drew scenes and doodles on homework ever since third grade. While growing up I created drawings, built models, and played guitar. After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering, I again pursued art and model making by attending many classes and workshops. Ultimately it was diorama construction that pushed me to becoming a better painter to create backdrops for miniature three dimensional scenes and model railroads.

Since then I have created acrylic and water color paintings, scene backdrops, dioramas, architectural scale models, and advertising and technical illustrations for a range of clients. Creating these products introduced me to a multitude of arts and craft materials, techniques, skills and equipment. Techniques that interest me most are those artistic methods that result in implying realistic appearances while allowing special embellishments that focus on, or emphasize the object, phenomena, or mood being presented.

One of the most exciting art projects I have been involved in was working for Brees Studio, Inc. constructing the walk-in “Rain Forest” diorama at the Southeast Discovery Center, US Forest Service in Ketchikan Alaska. This included making latex rubber molds of full sizes tree trunks, stumps and sketching renderings for other artists to use in completing final drawings for inclusion in interpretative signs portraying features in the rain forest.

As a musician, I was a member of a small combo in Wrangell Alaska in the early 1960’s, and over the years have performed at art shows and other private and civic functions.

Architecture, Music, Visual Arts

Drawing, Painting

Paintings: Landscape, Backdrops
Drawings: Illustrations, Advertisement, Technical renderings
Model Making: Architectural and scale models
3-D renderings: Miniature Scenes, Dioramas
Music: Guitar/Vocalist