Grace Freeman

PO Box 971
Ward Cove
, Alaska

(907) 617-6972

I was born and raised in Ketchikan and have been creating art ever since I realized I could use crayons to draw technicolor mermaids and flowers. These days my medium of choice has moved away from crayons and is most often digital. I use a graphics tablet for my illustration and coloring work, and I use programs like Photoshop to plan out pieces in other mediums. I enjoy experimenting in many different creative areas and have tried everything from photography to relief printing. Most recently I’ve been creating screen printed shirts and scarves.

Over the years I have developed an artistic style that is often inspired by nature. I love the shapes and textures that the natural world contains, and I try to let those elements fuel my use of strong shapes and rich colors, even when I’m drawing or coloring a piece that isn’t obviously inspired by nature. Another thing I try to always put in my work is a sense of fun. Even in the darker pieces I try to always have a little touch of whimsy.

Visual Arts

Drawing, Graphic design, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, Wearable Art

Comic Coloring, Screenprinting

digital, nature, whimsical, bold, screen print, jellyfish, octopus, ocean