Evon Zerbetz

PO Box 8943
, Alaska

(907) 225-8212



Relief printmaking has been my passion for over 20 years. I prefer carving tools over pencils, and relish the physicality of mark making as I carve into linoleum and other thick matrices to make my printing plates.

Known for the raven imagery that frequently flies through my artwork, I developed a traveling museum exhibit called Raucous: Everything Raven! which looks at the natural history of the corvus corax through science and art.

And, you will find more than a few ravens in the books that I have illustrated with my linocuts. I have created the artwork for six titles for children and one for adults (Dog Days, Raven Nights, Yale University Press 2011). Enjoying labor intensive methods, I carve a slab of linoleum for each page in a book.

A current focus in my work is to create dimensional constructions that combine my linocuts with other materials, as well as to build large-scale public art installations using traditional printmaking methods on wood, plastic, or metal. My collection of linocuts in edition can be seen in Ketchikan at the Soho Coho Gallery.

Visual Arts

Illustration, Mixed Media, Printmaking

linocut, raven, children’s book, ten rowdy ravens, blueberry shoe, chine colle, collage, dragonfly, carving,