Davida Isaacs-Markle

P.o box 8764 Ketchikan Alaska



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I am a contemporary/traditional artist, I have varying styles and work with all kinda of mediums often find myself mixing the mediums. I do NWC Tlingit/Haida designs, for tattoos, portraits, and per request I work on carvings(currently trying to get my own tools) I do spray paint landscapes on poster board, I have done acrylic to canvas(just need to restock on paints and canvas) currently working on being a tattoo apprentice, my only medium I have at the time is pencil. I am also a dancer traditional is my strongest area, working wit a lot of breakdancing just been awhile. When available I have Meade some jewelry, both with beads and with metal. Have never carved metal but always looking to learn just need to find someone willing to teach. Same goes for any style of art I am always wanting to learn more.

Crafts, Dance, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Drawing, Jewelry, Northwest Coast, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Wood

Spray paintings

Abstract, hip hop, traditionally incorporated ideas.