Dave Rubin

510 Edmonds St.
, Alaska

(907) 225-0720


Dave Rubin is a visual artist and musician who has been living in Ketchikan for 29 years. Originally from New York, he brings to his current works a foundation in European painting tradition. Primarily he creates images of Ketchikan’s people and landscapes in oil paint and pastels, but recently has ventured into life-size bronze sculpture. In 2010 he completed the figurative monument placed on Berth 3 titled “The Rock.” This highly visible piece portrays the pioneers that are the foundation of Ketchikan, and is becoming one of the area’s most recognizable landmarks.

As for the process of creation, Dave says: “I paint because I have to, and luckily I want to- it’s basically a nervous habit.”

Music, Visual Arts

Drawing, Illustration, Metal, Painting, Performance