Charlotte Tanner

PO Box 886
Ward Cove
, Alaska

(907) 247-3685

I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another. I’m never without a camera, sketchbook, or iPod touch so I am constantly documenting my environment. My inspiration comes from where l happen to find myself.

My surroundings are not always tidy or accessible but as Robert Rauschenberg noted I feel sorry for people who consider junk ugly ‘“because they’re surrounded by things like that and it must make them miserable”’.

In my studio, acrylics give me the freedom and lack of fumes I need to work in a small space, and pastels and colored pencils enable me to draw spontaneously. Sometimes I work on canvas; other times on heavy papers. I am fond of strong vivid color and like to experiment with different styles, ranging from abstract, and “Outsider Art”, to impressionist, and representative.

Often I will work out a composition in Photoshop or on my iPod touch before committing it to a non-digital surface.

I was born with a pencil in my hand, later learned to use a brush, and have recently become enthusiastic about digital media.

Media, Visual Arts

Computer/digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Non-Fiction, Painting, Photography