Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson Fine Art

1639 Water Street
, Alaska

(907) 225-1009

Creating art about the deep, rich and often complex souls of women is paramount to my work. I began observing the subject of women and wisdom as I approached a contemplative phase in life, reflecting on what it might mean to be “a wise woman.” I’ve come to understand that wise women often choose to face life challenges directly, and consequently emerge stronger and wiser. Observing these women as they love, share, learn, forgive, while living contentedly and fearlessly – this is the power behind my work.

Furthermore, I have recently been pondering the power of humor’s role in lives lived with strength and wisdom. It seems clear that one’s ability to laugh at oneself, as well as to be able to cry for others, shows depth of inner strength and compassion. I enjoy painting whimsical pieces and hope that my art brings a smile to viewers as they experience wisdom behind the whimsy.

With watermedia painting, I’m able to push the boundaries of traditional watercolor technique, utilizing various mediums and playing with color, texture and transparency.

Visual Arts

Mixed Media, Painting

clay sculpture

watermedia painting