Brian R. Elliot

P.O. Box 999
Ward Cove
, AK 99928


Original Artwork by Brian R. Elliot
(An artist’s statement)

For an explanation as to how and why I create my artwork, I first need to give credit to someone of influence that has driven me to see the artistic qualities within the observation of bad…
1988 – 6th grade, Mrs. Sandy O’Neil, made a comment to me after how longingly I stared out the classroom’s picture window with disgust at the dark and gloomy Southeast Alaskan day… After several complaints I had made about the less than picture perfect afternoon she said, “But look at how many different shades of gray there are, ” instantly turning dismay into delight!
With traditional block printing, I tend to use more of a contrast (black on white) to portray my message virtually stemming from thoughts provoked back in my elementary school days. Since each time I create a print, the subtle ink variations make for individuality between each one, even though I may craft multiple prints from the same block. It is always inspiring to peel the freshly pressed paper from the recently carved media, revealing that proverbial “picture window.”

Visual Arts

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