Arlene Reasons

Arlenes Touch Of Art / ATOA

420 Cedar St
, AK, 99901


I love art, it is my passion and the world has been my canvas with so many wonderful things to create from it.
I work in many mediums such as oils, acrylics, sketching, watercolor, signs, windows, murals, faux, portraits, sculptures and much more.
We hike through the forest to find many of the items that I work on.
All of my work is done through energy that I feel as I work on my art.
I have done lots of work ranging from areas such as Beverly Hills California all the way to Washington.
I hope to bring my art into many peoples lives.

Visual Arts

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Wood

I mentioned that some of my work is done through things of the earth such as rocks, bark, wood, moss, you name it.
I have many ideas of some fun things that I will be working on in the future.
My mind is constantly going with many ideas on a daily basis. Its as if so much energy is calling me to make something amazing out of it. Lots of fun!