Anne Margaret Shuham

641 Main Street
Ketchikan Alaska

(907) 225-7448

I am a self-taught metal-smith who works with silver, copper, bronze and occasionally gold. Each piece is one of a kind, reflecting the balance between my mood, and the materials utilized. I find inspiration in the moments that make up my life as a wife, mother, working professional and post graduate student.

I love when people identify the inside of their studio. My work begins in the living room which overlooks the water to a working basement that possess hammers, torches, metal files and tumblers, I create in many area’s of my home, usually following the morning sun.

In my work I hope the owner can create his or her own story. From silver that has been adorned with markings that look like rain falling on a window, to copper with riveting like the rough surface of the pavement outside my door.

Crafts, Visual Arts

Jewelry, Wearable Art