Carrickfergus - Anita Hales on Harp and vocals.

She Moved Through the Faire - Anita Hales on Harp with Tina Mander on Recorder.

Performed at Quin Cathedral in Quin, County Clare, Ireland 2006 with members of Paddy's Leather Breeches.

Anita Hales

AK Harp

5984 Dotson Lane
, Alaska

(907) 254-1984

I am a musician who plays several musical instruments, the primary ones being guitar and Celtic harp.
I play primarily folk and classical music. I am a member of 2 musical groups, Paddy’s Leather Breeches (Celtic music) and Tears of Fancy (Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music).
I build my own instruments and sew my own costumes. I also write scripts for Ketchikan Medieval and Renaissance Society events.

I also do vocals and arrange music for the two groups. I am available for hire and for charitable fund raising.

Traditional Arts, Media, Music, Visual Arts

Music Composition, Wood

lutherie, woodworking, celtic knotwork

lutherie, woodworking, celtic knotwork