Ketchikan Public Art Works


Twelve Mosaic Glass –SE Alaska sea scenes

Twelve Mosaic Glass –SE Alaska sea scenes by Cammie Walker

Ketchikan’s artists make our common spaces less commonplace.

Artists transform the community into a museum without walls, creating works that bear out our unique historical and cultural heritages. The excitement of finding public art is shared by the hometown public and by hundreds of thousands of visitors who land here each year. Private interests and public entities alike participate in the effort.

The commercial passenger vessel levy paid by cruise industry aids the campaign for public art. The state’s long-running Percent for Art program, which sets aside art funding in state-paid construction, also augments the stock of art on public view.

Ketchikan Public Art Works (KPAW), a committee of the Arts Council, solicits new work and implements installations with public and private financing.

There are a number of ways to browse, explore and plan trips to see Ketchikan’s wonderful and diverse collection of public art as well as unique pieces of privately owned art located in accessible areas. To begin, please make a selection below or click here to view all of Ketchikan’s Public Art Works.